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The Rainbow as Prism

Ever since around 2014, I've been on this happy journey exploring color in my art. Lately, to create art for Hawaiian clients, I've been mixing color for sculptures depicting rainbows in such sculptures as Hawai'i - Land of Rainbows and Big Island Beauty. What fun! In that groove, I recently ran across paragraph in an essay by John O'Donohue in his book "Beauty - The Invisible Embrace" entitled "The Rainbow as Prism" (p. 85).

"We take daylight for granted. Yet daylight is not simply there; it is an event, a smooth all-pervasive happening. Day light is created light, a light woven seamlessly from a whole series of colours. The unnoticed miracle of everyday light is exposed in the rainbow, an apparition that is both illusory and tenuous. Conamara [in western Ireland] is a landscape beloved of rainbows. Between rich light and the frequent rains, rainbows love to appear here. Every rainbow is a revelation: the optic through water drops that separates seamless daylight to reveal and display the secret inlay of colours that dwell at the heart of ordinary light."

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